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Our phone number has changed! Please adjust your records to reflect this change.

Our new number is (703) 455-3095

All of us at Rafagino would like to thank each and every one of you for another successful year. The conclusion of our 26th year in business was never a foregone conclusion as we all have had to deal with a worldwide pandemic, a tighter than ever labor market, an unprecedented rise in product prices, supply chain disruptions and the myriad other financial challenges posed by higher labor costs and a generational rise in inflation. Yet, we have persevered and even managed to thrive and we have only you to thank. You have our sincere gratitude.

See you soon,

Paulo & Rosa 

We hope you'll find everything you need. Rafagino is focused on high-quality service and satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We tirelessly strive to make your visit a pleasant one. We start by trying to procure high quality ingredients, we then prepare them with consistency and quality and we follow up by delivering them in a professional, unobtrusive and efficient way . We hope that this will provide you with a delightful dining experience.

We hope to see you again... and again... and again!

Vibrantly modern, Uniquely individual, Simply delicious

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